Fat Joe - My Lord / Lyrics

Crack, nigga!

Darkside, uhh

(Mark Henry)

We live a life and it's off the wall

Straight jacket and I'm leanin' off of Propofol

You niggas sleepin', I'm as dope as y'all

Even better I would dead ya if there's coke involved

A hundred guns up in the stash crib (yeah)

Two bad bitches on my mattress

The strip pole's by the basement

Same place I had Maliah do the Matrix

We out in Vegas at the Floyd fight

Boeing business, just a joy ride

And boy I tell you we enjoy life

Slid the gates and copped some more ice

9-11, and the Porsche is drop

We blow religious like we orthodox

Is there a heaven for a G, man?

Can we politic like this is C-span?

I don't wanna hear what he ran

Same niggas be floatin' up in the deep end

Cement shoes, no 3's bruh

'Cause we get it poppin', what it be's Blood?

Ya now rockin' with the Darkside

Part deux, another classic for the archive

Uhh, yeah, uhh

Darkside 2 niggas

Yeah, yeah

Uhh, Darkside nigga

Welcome to the Darkside, Crack