Fat Joe & DJ Drama - Diamonds feat. Dre / Lyrics

Fat Joe

Mother fucking biggest

I swear

We the mother fucking biggest


Pain don't care about sun, put your lights out

Know how many homies I see die when it's nice out?

I'm the Big Daddy Kane with the raw fool

Now whatchu want huh, dope or dog food

Keep it a kilo, no one's as hard as me

Birthed out the water, started charging fees

Surfing Maybachs kinda hard to breathe

So we post it on the Gram for the Gods to see

Too G, Dapper Dan designed me

Been fresh man since the class of '93

Caesars with Merrick, pull up a chair

Talking Le Bron James, them Ohio players (King shit)

It's common sense that I'm VIP

My wife pull up to the bank she don't need ID

Raise your cigarettes on a Sunday

Last to touch a 300-footer [?] Mondays

When the sun goes down that's the magic hour

The magic hour



And when you hear that D-R-E that's the madness hour

Look niggas mad it's ours

Yo, I caught my daughter staring at the Biggie piece on the wall

Within seconds teardrops started to fall

I'm sentimental

I'm from where they make it so hard to escape the devil

It's dark and hell is hot

I make dope drug dealers cop, spin the block

Play it safe, dealers stop

I hurt feelings before I kill them

I push buttons, drop bodies, Teflon Don John Gotti

I got 'em coming in a 

It's too late, I'm in your broad like toothpaste

Damn the bitch two-faced and talk too much

Only a few I look up to, Crack, Hov and Puff

And it's a must I touch a million plus

D-R-E top five talker (Talk your shit)

Slash rhyme spitter

Pie flippers they love my swagger, can I live

 spread like epidemic

Whenever we drop you niggas gon' get it

Peace God

DJ Drama

Get it yet?

Come on now you guys