Yo Gotti - Go Gotti Go (Lyrics)


It all started out at a I&E fest

When Grip told Gotti to bump his best

He said "Go Go Gotti, Go Go Go Gotti

Go Go Gotti, Go Go Go Gotti"

Go Gotti go

That's all I know

It started out

In a small project, where i was turning it out

Credit for Grip

He never tripped, he kept it real

Had the bankroll and the knowledge, and I had the skill

I was twelve years old, Grip was fourteen

Grip was gettin' work, I was servin' fiends

I been a wigsplitter, slash money-go-getter

Ever since I was a itty-bitty lil nigga

Thank I was the wisest youngster out there hustlin'

Twelve year old kid on the block cuffin'

Packs in my ass and rocks under my tongue

Gotti ain't doing drugs cause Gotti ain't gettin' sprung

Rappin' came eazy

It was a gift, that I got from Jeezy

I told you once, and you didn't believe me

Now with the help of Grip, it cost to see me

I'm a thug and drugs is what I live by

So if I speak it I mean it, cause I don't liz-ie

When I turned fifteen, I had ten G's

Me and Grip colaborated and bought a key

And for a hobby, you know I was rappin'

But never thought that this CD shit would happen

I dropped my first album, they went crazy

And at random I was fuckin' these nigga's ladies

Don't play no games, and please don't criticize me

Who had a hundred G's, my age, beside me?

I went to school with platinum chains, and platinum grills

A sports car, a big truck on twenty wheels

You won't believe the shit, that I done been through

The cats I roll wit, and who I'm kin to, I'm kin to