Yo Gotti - Can't Stop Me Now (Lyrics)


I feel like you can't stop me now, drop me now

Women wanna watch me now, jock me now

I feel like you can't stop me now, they love my voice

Of course, full-force, I done made it now

[Yo Gotti]

I feel like you can't stop me now

I'm tighter now

More of a writer now

Than a rapper now

Got me payin' taxes now

Can't relax now

Got big corporations, sending me faxes now

More than just Yo now

CEO now

You see them diamonds and them ??? in my rope now

I'm on a roll now

Got me doing shows now

And when my album drops, it's certified gold now

Woah now

My pockets on swoll now

Hold now

Uncles Sam askin' how many units I sold now

Thinkin' bout makin' clothes now

Movies and videos now

Puttin it down for big dope boys, make all the noise now

Money come legit now, I put it in the bank now

Withdraw, ATM, from my account now

Check never bounce now

Plat by the once now

So many karats, that it's hard for me to count now


[Yo Gotti]

You ought to see the way I be ballin' now

You ought to see the way the girls be callin' now

Sweatin' me now, talkin' bout get married now

I'm laughin' now, she gettin' about her karats now

It's so funny that it hurt now

She think I'm Captain Kirk now

She ain't spending mine, unless she puttin' in work now

Got me cashin' checks now

Bout time for me to flex now

Bezzled-out Rolex now

Bout to buy a lake now

I refuse to quit now

Cause Gotti is the shit now

Never thought I'd drop a tape and come up wit a hit now

Take it how you wanna now

Don't smoke no marijauna now

That was in my younger days, like youngsters on the corner now

Platted out my grill now

Bout to sign a deal now

Moved into a crib now

Retired from the hill now

Tired of doing dirt now

My niggas on that yirk now

Feel like I owe the Lord, so I'm goin' to church now


[Yo Gotti]

Niggas got they hand out

Like I owe them somethin' now

Constantly askin me for VIP's to my shows now

See me in the street now

Break they neck to speak now

Made a few examples so I barely get beef now

My shit in the stoes (stores) now

Rollin' wit the pros now

Cause my shit is sellin' like the Ralph Lauren clothes now

Clicked up wit Dirt now, people do my track now

Never ever ever will you say my shit is wack now

[Don Dirty]

When you see us banged out in the stretch Lex wit the brains out

Done sold two million or mo' we gettin' change now

Don Dirty left the game on hold, it aint the same now

Police walkin round in plain clothes, and constantly layin 'round

Police filling phonies with friends,but try to spot me

Set a nigga up for 10 O's and still couldn't stop me

But they watch me

Run in my house just like a hobby

I'm a smooth mastermind in the game

They still cant stop me