50 Cent - That's What's Up feat. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo (Lyrics)


G-Unit, G-Unit, G-Unit, G-Unit, G-Unit, G-Unit

[50 Cent:]

G-Unit nigga that's what's up [repeat]

I blast 50 Cent nigga that's what's up

[Lloyd Banks:]

Right now my life moving to fast to stop and pray

See every now and then I smile just not today

In my hood they let the choppers spray

Somebody probably got shot today

I named em pop when niggas surfboard

You ain't stopping me dawg

Only time you left ya hood is on Monopoly boards

You grimey as birds shittin' on the top of ya fords

You will, die by the gun if you ain't dropping ya sword

I got tattoos as well as lead marks

To me fucking is kinda like racing and I always get a head start

My opinion of a sweet dream is a dead NARC

Just yesterday guns is blasting with red darts

Beef, you a target

'Cause when we come at yo ass, Aladdin won't be the only one the carpet

Man you wanna play with a ringer?

I ain't a peoples person

I'll give my next door neighbor the finger (fuck you)

Even though I got the shit in the stores

I'm like a nigga that borrow clothes

Bitch, I'm trying to get in ya draws

Man I'll dump a whole clip in ya mans braids

Pussies love Nelly, he made it look cool to wear band-aids

I'm blowing on damn haze

All of a sudden I'm gassed, 'cause I'm on the radio and I can't wave

If you ain't up on thangs

Lloyd Banks is the name, G-Unit's the game

Now I know to keep low when the heat blow

I'll have niggas post up on ya block like I'm shooting the free throw

Still get the green from P-dro, better known as Pedro

I'm ghetto like a patty ya egg-roll

Yea they feinin to stick me, they don't know the nina's is with me

Snuck in with Christina and Brittney

You only spend time at the mall

On New Years eve a body drops around the same time as the ball (yeah)


G-Unit, G-Unit, G-Unit, G-Unit, G-Unit, G-Unit

[50 Cent:]

G-Unit nigga that's what's up [repeat]

That's what's up

[50 Cent:]

Keep thinking I'm candy

Ain't nuttin sweet about me

Niggas talking in the pens and in the street about me

Some jake, trying to watch every move I make

'Cause my diesel will make fiends do the up-town shake

I'm a pro, far from a amateur, holding more keys than your fuckin janitor

They say, "God bless the child that could hold his own."

You pay cops to hold you down, I just hold the chrome

Every breath I take, every step I take, every move I make

I got a ruger on my hip

You ain't gotta like or love me but you gone respect me

You need a fifth and 2 clips to try and check me

12 in the afternoon we can start the clapping

Look homie I'm down for that day-time action

Keep thinking it's a game time in front of ya home

Get the drop on that ass and shot shadder ya bones (yeah)


G-Unit, G-Unit, G-Unit, G-Unit, G-Unit, G-Unit

[50 Cent:]

G-Unit nigga that's what's up [repeat]

[Tony Yayo:]

Listen boy, Tony be the real McCoy

When hoes see the new toy, they jump for joy

And even though the kid rapping

I still got fiens in the hood puffin on that Magic Dragon

My guns under my pillow, I sleep with my shoes on

Every single night me and my mack get our groove on

Don't get moved on

'Cause I shoot through your bicepts your tricepts

Then breeze through ya projects

When the coke come back

It's the China White

And the d don't sweat us in a bag a rice

Let's ride O T

And burn the tape

I got this bad mommy, her mouth's a sperm bank

Since Yayo be a fearless man

I donate my heart to them niggas that ran

And, those niggas in the hood don't wanna see me famous

They rather see my moms make funeral arrangements

I got enough rhymes, to fill 6 notebooks

I been spitting that shit ever since coke crushed

You can hear me on your T.V. and radio at the same time

I never ever say the same rhyme, it's Tony 2 times

Beware of my wraith, I'm gone school you niggas

Prepare for class

Yo I peep where your puns at, peep where you pumped that

Money you trying to stack I spent it on blunt wraps


Word to my mother nigga 50 fuckin Cent nigga

G-Unit nigga

We about to gorilla this industry man

Y'all niggas better know

Y'all niggas better fear us nigga

Word to my mother nigga

Fuck y'all niggas wanna do

1 2 4 nigga G-Unit

50 Cent

Tony Yayo

Lloyd Banks nigga