50 Cent - Catch Me In The Hood" (feat. Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks) Lyrics


50 Cent, Lloyd Banks

Tony Yayo, G-Unit!

[Lloyd Banks:]

This rap shit plays a major part in my life

So if you jeopardize it I got the right (What?)

To send a motherfucker at you tonight (Uh-huh!)


And I ain't stopping 'til my click popping, swimming in barrels of money

Ma can walk around with her head up 'cause her child ain't a dummy

It's funny - niggas'd rather see you suffering and hungry

I'm comfy as hell, skating with another nigga's money (woo!)

You lying your ass off; you know you ain't that tough

I'm pulling your mask off, as soon as you act up (what!)

You know what I came for, a peace of the game or

Artillery that's 'bout as long as a chainsaw

I'm wide awake, but it still feels like I'm dreaming

40 cal' under my pillow condom feeling my semen

The physical presence of a female's the form of a demon

That's why I, fuck 'em and leave 'em get my nut while I'm breathing (yeah!)

Never thought they'd catch me slipping now I'm ducking and dripping

That's a thousand-dollar outfit what the fuck is you gripping

You tripping, no record can get my ass in position

Death waits for no religion whether catholic or christian

Listen; I went through mamma bitching in and out the kitchen

With probable cause as poppa was in and out the prison

You got soldiers, but you still gotta respect the odds

We got more four-fives and 9s then a deck of cards

[Tony Yayo:]

You can take me out the hood, but can't take the hood out me ('Cause what?)

'Cause I'm ghetto (I'm ghetto)

Niggas hating when you do good, but when you broke

Your friends and your enemies they love you (they love you)

Chi-Chi, get the llello (get the llello)

Picture me being cracked, out of town trips on the train - what?!

Chi-Chi, get the Yayo

Picture me being cracked... (Tony Yayo!) here we go

You can sniff me, cut me, I'll turn you to a junkie

I'm the number one seller in the whole fuckin' country

Wall Street niggas, they cop me on a low

White boys don't call me coke, they call me blow

It's time to go, on a bus, the train, a plane

I'm smuggle, I'm nuttin but trouble

I'll make your money double, cook me in baking soda

I'll turn your who-rock into a new Range Rover

I'll pay all your bills and fill ya 'fridgerator

Feed your family, turn your man to a hater

You can put me in the door panels or your stash box

Put me in your Nikes, Timbs and Reeboks

If you copped three and a half, you hustling backwards

Cop a hundred grams, you moving forwards (what?)

I'm trying to move more birds, in P.A. all day

On the corner of 3rd - nigga what?!

[50 cent:]

You can take me out the hood, but can't take the hood out me (what?!)

'Cause I'm ghetto (I'm ghetto)

Picture me polishing pistols, I'm coming to get you, the shells hit you

You scream, think I'm playing - I mean it

Man I done brought all these pistols, let's get it popping

Start to waving my embroidered shell casings get to dropping

The devil's 'round the corner I got to much pride to hide

I'm outside, gun in my pocket, just stunt and I'll pop it

I'm dying to pop it, I'm young and I'm restless, you numbered for death

As the world turns, the lessons should be learned

Count all my blessings, clean up my weapons, I'm ready for war

The strong survive, the weak shall perish, I told you before

Hoes they compliment me now like 50 - nice chain!

Belagio, twenty grand of chips at the dice game

Balling out, can't stop it, you gotta watch MTV

BET, nigga you see me!

I wonder if you mad, 'cause I'm doing good

Or 'cause niggas feel me, more than you in yo' hood

And it hurts 'cause you love 'em and they don't love you back

'Cause they know you just rapping and you don't bust your gat

You pussy!

Yeah explain it to the niggas in your hood nigga

They know you fuckin front nigga

Talk all that gangsta shit on the record; I see you nigga

Niggas know me nigga; ask around in my hood nigga

Read the "Daily News" nigga you see them talk about me nigga

I'm in the middle of all kinds of shit

You pussy... get it popping!

Non-stop... can't forget... Shady, aftermath!