Mitski - Working for the Knife (Lyrics)

[Verse 1]

I cry at the start of every movie

I guess 'cause I wish I was making things too

But I'm working for the knife

[Verse 2]

I used to think I would tell stories

But nobody cared for the stories I had about

No good guys

[Verse 3]

I always knew the world moves on

I just didn't know it would go without me

I start the day high and it ends so low

'Cause I'm working for the knife

[Verse 4]

I used to think I'd be done by twenty

Now at twenty-nine, the road ahead appears the same

Though maybe at thirty I'll see a way to change

That I'm living for the knife

[Verse 5]

I always thought the choice was mine

And I was right but I just chose wrong

I start the day lying and end with the truth

That I'm dying for the knife