Meek Mill - Outside (100 MPH) Lyrics


Dream Chasers вчера, всегда и сейчас

Мы любим деньги, мы любим жизнь, мы любим Dream Chasers

Мы доверяем только Dream Chasers (Brrt)

[Verse 1]

I woke up, I made a mill', said, "Fuck it," then rented them all

If life's a bitch, I'm havin' my way with that shit, and I'm hittin' it raw (Havin' it)

Ain't none of y'all niggas gettin' none of this money and bitches, just me and my dawgs

With a brand new Porsche, a Turbo Sport with a horse, but it look like a frog

I just hopped through the hood, then I hop on a chop in the hood (Ride on a chop)

Bad lil' bitch, she pretty as fuck and the top real good (Pretty as fuck)

Call every night, I don't even want him to walk, shot up the hood

Y'all niggas be payin' them hitters for real, y'all not any good (Y'all niggas is pussy)

Green-facе AP cost me cost me four-fifty, [?][0:36]

I been hurtin' your heart with thеse lil' bitches, I wanna see y'all checks

She gotta move real careful-like it's a operate, you should see her texts

I ain't stop poppin', planes, I'll pop in 'em, y'all lil' niggas better be on y'all best

I just came right back outside, now all the baddies back outside

Fuck 'em, spoil 'em, married three months, give 'em a prize

They talk shit 'bout me, they know they play, niggas gon' die

I been ballin' so long in Miami, I don't need to take bitches on dates to pound

She got niggas that's rich, but they ain't really lit like that, tell her take her time (Take her time)

They really love it, but I get with so many hunnids, can't make her mine

Yeah, she said, "Meek, come fuck me rough," and I was tryna break her spine (Let's get it)

Knowin' this lil' bitch fucked my dawg, and I can't make her mine (Make her mine)


Outside, outside, outside, outside, I just popped out, came back outside

Outside, outside, outside, outside (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

[Verse 2]

Big boy trucks in the driveway (My driveway), we outside with it (We outside)

Reachin' for my Richard, you gon' die with it (Die)

I been keepin' a pack of bad lil' bitches, they outside with it

And I just made a couple million in five minutes (I'm limitless)

Okay, okay, okay, that new Maybach came today (Today)

I put mics all in they face for all my young niggas passed away, yeah (Away)

I ain't really had no time last year, but I'm on niggas' asses today (I am)

Y'all niggas only ones keepin' them hoes, y'all givin' that cash away, okay, okay (Yeah, yeah)


Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo

Okay, okay

He hasn't slept in probably seven days

[Verse 3]

Go 'head, ki' like a brick (A bird), bad lil' bitch, she thick (She bad)

Come to my city, we really ride dirty, no lights, and we totin' them sticks (Brrt)

My dawg got life in the cell (Got life), he know that I'm never gon' switch (I won't)

Start ballin' like I was Joel 'cause I got them Ms and Bs on my list (Yeah)

And I put that Virgil shit on, for reals, like pardon my twist (Yeah)

Every bitch that I be fuckin' get Rollies for real, like pardon my bitch (Yeah)

She looked me dead in my eyes when she suckin' and she tryna start up some shit (Yeah)

Tryna snatch my soul, lil' bitch, gettin' top with my hand on her—

Pardon my neck, pardon my wrist, ass so fat, gotta pardon my bitch

Pardon my Glock, pardon my hip, I just jumped off a yacht, gotta pardon my ship

I just did a walkthrough at Roc Nation and left out with four new partnerships

This ain't rap, nigga, I'm back, I just be walkin' and talkin' my shit, yeah

Niggas can't see me, we totin' them chops, yeah (Niggas ain't see us)

I had dreams of murderin' opps, rippin' them demons and burnin' them blocks

They couldn't believe it, I'm turnin' the blocks, yeah (Yeah)

Back in them trenches again (We back)

Totin' extensions again, if he play tough, put Benji on him

We open it up, open it up, I fuck from the back when I'm chokin' her up

.223s, they go through a truck, somebody get hit, it's no gettin' up

No gettin' up, no gettin' up, trippin' on niggas, they soakin' it up (Soakin')

Walk in the spot with a big-ass .30 on me, give a fuck if it's pokin' or what


What? What? What? What?

What? What? What? What?

What? What? What? What?