Lil Candy Paint - 22 (Remix)



[Chorus: Lil Candy Paint]

She havin' deep thought, and I can see it

Everything that I say, know I mean it

Said "I love you," just believe it

I hate it when we argue for no reason

Pourin' up that cup, I think I'm drinkin'

I'm pourin' up for nothin', think I'm fiendin'

She goin' off for nothin', think I'm cheatin'

I can't blame lil' baby, I'm a demon

[Verse 1: Lil Candy Paint]

We out, I order Sprite and put codeine in it

But she don't like that shit when I be ignorant

I'm pourin' up the pint what you had spent on rent

If she don't like her ass, then we fixin' it

Hop in X6 twin-turbo, big as shit

My bitch bad and she boujee and she Snicker thick

Nigga tryna pluck twenty-two, we split his wig

You could try to try my bitch, but you ain't gettin' shit

You niggas desperate for my ho

I keep checkin' on my ho

I ain't never stressin' on my ho

I count these backends with my ho

You be actin' for your ho

You'll get slapped in front of your ho

I can't believe these jokes

Nigga dapped me up sayin' "Bro"

Then tried to talk to my ho

But we ain't stressin' anything

It's still purple everything

It's still purple everything

[Verse 2: Bhad Bhabie]

Blowing up his phone, I know I'm trippin' for no reason

He gon' call it crazy, but I say I call it fiendin'

He don't want no other ho's 'cause that lil' shit too easy

Know I talk a lot of shit, but he know I don't mean it

Big bro say I'm trippin', but I got a hundred reasons

One hundred fuckin' reasons, I'm never ever leavin'

Nope, I ain't leavin'

Even if we ain't speakin'

And if we ain't speakin', you know Ima be tweakin'

Need a real bitch, I ain't nothin' like these groupie ho's

Nothin' like these bitches sittin' front row at your fuckin' shows

He need him a real one, somethin' to make him feel some

I know I ain't tripping man, about you I might kill some

(Huh, yeah) Kill some, fuck it, yeah, drill some

Make one call, he still come 'cause I make him feel some

Yeah, feel some, feel some

This lil' somethin' different, swear to God it make him feel numb