Kanye West - Jesus Lord, Pt. 2 (Lyrics)

[Chorus: Kanye West]

Tell me if you know someone that needs (Jesus Lord)
Now, we've been through a lot of things
Tell me if you know someone that needs (Jesus Lord)
We done seen a lot of things
Tell me if you know someone that needs (Jesus Lord)
Been through a lot of things
Tell me if you know someone that needs (Jesus Lord)

[Verse 1: Kanye West]
Sittin’ by myself, I'm just thinkin'
About all I’ve been through, I wish I was dreaming
Man, it's hard to be an angel when you surrounded by demons (Jesus Lord)
I watched so many people leave, I see 'em change by the season
That's mama's sеasonin'
God got you, the devil's watchin', he just peekin’ in
I know I madе a promise that I’d never let the reaper in (Jesus)
But lately, I've been losing all my deepest friends (Lord)
And lately, I’ve been swimmin' on the deepest end
It's just drugs, it ain't no hugs, it ain’t no love there
You've been down so much, you don't even know what's upstairs (Jesus)
Suicidal thoughts got you wonderin' what's up there (Lord)
And while they introduce a party, they say it's up there
Too many pills, so much potions, so much pain, too many emotions
And everything that you do good, it just go unnoticed (Jesus)
Did He tell you that you good and just stay focused? (Lord)
Mama, you was the life of the party
I swear you brought life to the party
When you lost your life, it took the life out the party (Jesus)
That woman rode with me like a Harley (Lord)
Visions of my cousin in a cell really scarred me
Movin' to the hood was like signin' up for the army
'Cause they've been killin' **** since **** was watchin' Barney (Jesus)
You want dreams to come true? But I had nightmares (Lord)
'Cause if that come to life, then I might not be right here
Been in the dark so long, don't know if the light here
But I'm just reaching for the stars like Buzz Lightyear (Jesus)
And now I'm lightyears ahead of those nightmares (Lord)
I deaded those night tears when the night clears
And if I talk to Christ, could I bring my mother back to life?
And if I die tonight, will I see her in the afterlife? (Jesus)
But back to reality, where everything's a tragedy (Lord)
And better have a strategy or you could be a statistic
Little boy dies, he's just one of the mystic
And mama's steady crying 'cause she really the victim (Jesus)
Now she's getting high and she's getting addicted (Lord)
And her older boy just stuck with the picture, painted vivid
That's a family portrait and her daughter just absorbed it
Sixteen, pregnant, baby daddy say she should abort it (Jesus)
But we can't afford it, so she decides to move forward (Lord)
Baby shower time, father didn't show up
And she just feeling nauseous like she finna throw up
The water flows down her legs, yeah, it's finna go up (Jesus)
A year done went by, her daughter just turned one (Lord)
And she's still dependent on her mom
Big brother in the streets, he went and bought him a gun
He want revenge 'cause the pain feelin' numb (Jesus)
And her mom still doing drugs 'cause that's the only time she feel loved (Lord)
But is it real love? Do the scars really heal up?
From all the pain that done built up, but they don't feel us (Jesus)
A week done flew by, big bro ridin', then he see the guys (Lord)
Left his little brother on the side, bleeding from the side
He seein' red, it's like he's bleeding through his eyes
To see him dead, the only thing that'll help the grieving up inside (Jesus)
He even let him get they last meal
He done with the streets after this, this his last kill (Lord)
He gotta show him that it's that real
He ran up on him with the pipe like, "****, stand still" (Jesus)
"You took my brother life, you made my mother cry" (Lord)
"Tell me one reason I shouldn't send you up to Christ"
He said, "Go 'head, take my life, I've seen everything but Christ"
Then big bro just blacked out and all you seen was the light (Jesus Lord)

[Chorus: Kanye West]
Tell me if you know someone that needs (Jesus Lord)

[Verse 2: Jay Electronica]
Uh-huh, in the name of the true and living God, the beneficent, the merciful
Thank you for bringing me up the rough side of the mountain like Ertuğrul (Jesus)
Every knee bowed and every tongue confessed and paid homage (Lord)
To the monk who visit Rothschilds like Thelonious did Pannonica (Sheesh)
It's Jay Elec-entendre-nica comin' through your monitor
Back from the great and yonder, the son of man and the son of Donda (Jesus)
I never rolled the jix or the R6 or the Honda (Lord)
But I flew my Ducati through North America like Wakanda
Earthquakes'll strike this nation for what Bush did to Rwanda (Facts)
What the Clintons did to Haiti and Downing Street did to Ghana (Jesus)
In Tenochtitlan, they call me Terremoto, El Negro Loco (Lord)
I shift the tectonic plates of the game if I lay one vocal
The God is interstellar while you fellas remain local
My bars is like the pyramid temples of Pacal Votan (Jesus)
As sure as the DOJ confirmed Ezekiel's Wheel (Lord)
I could change the world like Yakub with two pieces of steel
My sword or my microphone, I swore to the Christ's throne
But when you great, they wanna say you took an L, José Castillo (Jesus)
I'm in the fight here, fight here, for what seemed like lightyears (Lord)
My rugged cross and thorny crowns squeeze out Christ tears
Thirty pieces of silver clout, my Pierre price tier
It's a war outside, it's a war outside (Jesus)
It's like the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah outside (Lord)

[Chorus: Kanye West]
Tell me if you know someone that needs (Jesus Lord)

[Verse 3: Sheek Louch]
Donnie, Ye, what up, ****?
Get that money and **** forget 'em
I ain't need 'em, but my moms is with 'em (Jesus)
Thirty-eight, look how the streets did 'em (Lord)
All these trophies, but where do I sit 'em?
I was born to rock a crown, **** yeah, I knocked it down
Holy water, ****, but out here, we turn to brown (Jesus)
Donnie, if you ain't loyal, you from a different soil (Lord)
Your flame too low for that water to boil
If I wasn't rappin', the calls would stop
You ain't really happy for me, you mad that I popped (Jesus)
**** a car, five houses like, "Look what I copped" (Lord)
Devil like, "Jesus Christ, he gotta be stopped"
I don't say "What's up?", you basically blocked
You see it on my hip, just know that it's cocked (Jesus)
Always look 'em in the face when I deal with my opp (Lord)
I'm from the bottom, but Lord knows it's better up top, ****

[Verse 4: Jadakiss]
Yeah, viral pictures (Viral), Bible scriptures (Yeah)
One thing 'bout the devil, he's liable to get you (Yeah, Jesus)
Long as my good days outweigh my bad days (Lord)
I don't count the money, I just know how much the bag weighs (I know)
Broke down soon as I seen him bring the coffin in
Lord knows, I just really wanna see you walk again (Uh, Jesus)
Million dollars cashiers check to the offerin' (Lord)
They can talk about me all they want, I'ma talk to Him (Uh-huh)
Some **** get shot in they mouth, never talk again (Yuh)
After that, they go and get veneers or the porcelain (Jesus)
We all need Him, is you ready to meet Him? (Lord, ready?)
Doin' dumb ****, but keep tryin' for your freedom
Uh, if you don't die, then you try again (Yeah)
You get your angel wings, then you fly again (Jesus, fly)
Ain't no "I" in "Team", it's an "I" in "Win" (Lord, win)
They got they eye on me, I got my eye on Him (What's up?)

[Verse 5: Styles P]
Some fam died, some friends died
I am feeling rage on the inside, where is mine? (Jesus)
Love and hate is a thin line, get two for the tenth time (Lord)
Dyin' on the eleventh, my ****
I'm just down here stuntin' on the seventh, my ****
By the way, is a ghetto up in heaven, my ****? (Jesus)
If it is, keep the chariot revvin', my **** (Lord)
Yeah, that's what my momma be sayin'
And before you go to war, know it's honor in prayin'
There'll be vomit on the toilet after last night (Jesus)
These **** ballin' they move, yeah, they gotta be playin', not the lottery (Lord)
I am in the flower, **** the pottery
Jargon is angelic, you don't get it, then pardon me
Got coke from Jesus, now I'm talkin' to Jesus (Jesus)
Real shallow ****, probably pray for a gray coupe (Lord)
Maybe the Lykan or a mansion out in the Seychelles

[Chorus: Kanye West]
Tell me if you know someone that needs (Jesus Lord)
And we done been a lot of things
Tell me if you know someone that needs (Jesus Lord)
We done seen a lot of things
Tell me if you know someone that needs (Jesus Lord)
Been through a lot of things
Tell me if you know someone that needs (Jesus Lord)

[Outro: Larry Hoover Jr. & Kanye West]
What up, Ye? This Larry Hoover Jr
First and foremost, I wanna thank you for taking the fight for my father to the Oval Office
You might not have been the only one that could've did that, but you were the one that did do that
And with your assistance, we can continue to let the world take part in this fight
You know, to me it kind of feels like, me, my mother, my brothers, and my kids have all been incarcerated through this journey and we haven't even been to jail
We have been looked at and treated as criminals for being a part of this family
My father's truth and the reality that he raised me in is that he wanted to make a change in this community (Tell me if you know someone that needs)
Because the conditions in this capitalist society is what made him and it's what made the children of today
After twenty-five years of bein' locked down, twenty-three and one, my father has not called any shots from one of the most secure and segregated prisons in the world
And will not, once released, call any shots for the Gangster Disciples
If my father's intentions were to lead us to death, destruction, into the hell that he has had to live in for the past twenty-six years
Man, he would be dead to me
I didn't sign up for that
I didn't stay on this journey this long for that
All my life, man, I've been waitin' for my father to come home
They told me when I graduate eighth grade, he would be home
Then they told me when I graduate from high school, he would be home
I went away to Morris Brown, I graduated, and he still ain't home
Now I'm an adult, and my daughter went away to college and graduated
He still not home
Now even more than that, my son, he graduated eighth grade and we still waitin'
Matter of fact, he hasn't hugged, kissed, or touched any of his grandchildren
And they haven't been able to touch they grandfather
Even though it is not seen that way for some of us, but for many of us, Larry Hoover is a beacon of hope for his community who deserves to breathe free air
Free my father (Jesus), Mr. Larry Hoover Sr. (Lord)