G-Eazy - These Things Happen Too (Lyrics)


I guess it's about that time

You know?

Dakari, just let it run


Party in a penthouse until I pass the fuck out

Reminiscin' being broke and hopin' I would luck out

Fast forward, that was then, I switched my perspective

I was supposed to make it here, this wasn't luck, it was destined

Why the fuck am I surprised? Will I ever feel I belong here?

Spillin' my soul right now, the story gets long here

We waitin' for this album to drop, it's been a long year

Feel like it's been forever, the fuck has been going on here?

Sex, plus drugs, plus rock 'n roll added

That equation, mixed with success and raw talent

They talk about me, think I went crazy, goddamnit

Woo, I really went crazy, goddamnit

Uh, pull the curtain, there's nothing left here to hide behind

I come with baggage, I'm complicated, you know my sign

Try fathomin' what happens inside my mind

Intoxicated on substances, I've been tryna to find 'em

Reason to change, I found reason to rage

Play Jim Morrison, fuck it, people are strange

Deal with it, on God, there's no keeping me in a cage

They try to buy my soul, but it's not an even exchange

I just had an epiphany, I'm top ten in this industry

If you knew the end result, then what would you have done differently?

My Jekyll and my Hyde look like anything here but symmetry

But I ain't looking for nobody's sympathy

This for the kids who buy tickets

This for the fans of the music

This for the kids who get some inspiration from me and use it

This for myself, to jot this out is all therapeutic

But I never lost myself, so don't you ever confuse it

Readin' comments on my 'Gram, I'm like "damn, they really got at me"

"What happened to the old G? This sucks, won't you come back, G?"

"You said you'd never be that rapper, this shit is tacky"

I make what I wanna make, but I won't make everyone happy

My skin's thick, but I'm not bulletproof

Try to numb myself like when you goin' to pull a tooth

All I can be is myself, go, and tell the truth

I feel like I want my therapist when I'm in the booth


I'm in my own lane, so what do I have to hurry for?

The Bay love me, they root for me like when Curry score

I got it covered, relax, you ain't gotta worry more

I turn the corner, made the block, now I've broken down 30's door

Exes x me out, we ain't feeling the same

One of 'em went on national TV, draggin' my name

Wish you would have handled it, eh, uh

I can't complain, because you don't get to choose how people react to being in pain

Yeah, fuck

Lesson learned, we weren't the perfect match

Future ref, not keeping personal and work attached

We came a ways from going to juvie over purses snatched

Bought moms a Birkin, we still only seen the surface scratched


Been tryna search and find the perfect high

A young stoner from Berkeley High

The person I, became is a little different

Guess we work and try

She kicked me out to get the bird to fly, yeah

This the maturation of Gerry, yeah

Been terrified of commitment, can't understand why it's scary

The deeper that I get, this shit gets harder to say

Why the ones who love me most, the people I push away?

Why the ones who love me most, the people I push away?

Why the ones who love me most, the people I push away?


Look in a mirror, this is you

No one ever told me, These Things Happen Too