DMX - 4, 3, 2, 1 Freestyle (Lyrics)

Niggas is puss

Keep me runnin from the werewolf, owww

Howling at the moon on the roof

Eh, ah, no, get em

Ten niggas on him, hope God's with him

Give me the bat, let me split him

I'll have em where the pillow and the casket won't fit him (Wooo!)

Only reason I did him, he wouldn't fight back

Trieed to strike back

Left him like that, layin up with the white hat

Gettin right back at ya when I snatch ya (Aight!)

Up out the grave, nuthin but bones and ashes

Hittin niggas with gashes to the head

Straight to the white meat but the street stay red (Heeey!)

But this girl gave me head for free

Cause they see, who I'ma be by like 2003 (2003!)

That Nigga D took it there

He thought it was a joke

He went through like 20 G's and thought that

I was broke, stupid

That's what you get for thinkin and eventually

Found that's what you get for stinkin

Blowin up the spot when you rot

Plus if it gets hot they know you dipped

For four squared blocks

Hit em with the ox to the grill

Eh, ah, kill nigga kill

Yet still they don't know I'ma rob who

That dog DMX is a muthafuckin problem