Tory Lanez - What’s Kulture ?? Lyrics


Can't nobody stop me
Can't nobody stop me
Yeah, I'll never let y'all niggas stop me

We just lost Chadwick Boseman to cancer, colon
2020 quarantine, who know the plan his hand was holdin'?
The Black man stand for culture
The white man gave us cancel culture
And God bless the man you lay your hands up over
You gave me the keys, but see, the devil's like a tenet that won't hand 'em over
Angels still protect the neck, I laid and slang it over
Niggas ramble just to cancel Tory, they say my plan is over
God's plan can't bе over when the flow is still cold
As a man stuck in thе snow with his hands fold out in Manitoba
Camera catchin' still, stashin' numbers in my cannon holder
Tony Danza stand still, poppin' out the candy rover
Two sides to everythin', we bandin' over
What is all the slander over?
Oh, let's deport Tory for a story we don't know
But still got our necks out and hands up over
On my feed and timeline, there's niggas throwin' temper tantrums on 'em
Me, I just handle all 'em
Cut and throw a bandage on 'em
Stars playin' games, but Tory's never ashamed
'Cause if I did what they sayin', I'd probably would say the same
I would call me, "Bitch ass nigga," "Fuck boy" and everythin'
I just thought y'all hear my story before you thought I let that bang
But when the friends change, the story change
I just never thought that you would turn this to a Tory thing
I just never thought that you would turn this to a glory game
Once upon a time
My rap friends would never switch up they numbers on Tory Lanez
And I'm missed of the warrant things
I still ain't been convicted of shit, but they wanna bang
These the same niggas ridin' my dick on the Quarantine Radio
Crazy flow for my hoes that order name brand, poppin' imported things, I'm here
I refuse to be the poster boy for Black women unprotected
My mama Black, my sister Black
My baby mama Black, so how the fuck I'm unaffected?
Black women fueled my whole career for years
So don't make me some type of tear and unperfection
Love every color, every shape, size, and section
So I never left no one rejected
Yeah, I'm not perfect when you cut me up in sections
I got blunt objections
But if you teach me, I can work with lessons
Plus I'm real ill, we can chill, light a Dutch and burn the herbal essence
Don't tear me down, just lift me up and help me learn them lessons
Help a nigga learn them blessings
Help me more to understand your real plan is worth the stresses
That's the way to learn protection
That's the way to learn progression
Take your man to therapy, check on his mental health before you burn aggression
None of us deserve depression
None of this is worth the stressin'
It's just drama mixed with the trauma of curve and rejection
I get stuck in some evil thoughts, need words of correction
I start movin' too fast, I start burnin' my blessings
I go to interviews, niggas talkin', I'm curvin' they questions
Turnin' they table, I'm in they face and they heard I was reppin'
I'm on top on the world (World)
And God got me, so I'm poppin' on top of yo' girl
Stop light stoppin' yo' girl
They thought this wouldn't stop me, I still hot as a churro
I'm still stayin' stronger than black hair locked in a curl
I'm on the block and I'm thorough
Because I'm strong and plus I'm focused and I am the coldest
And any rapper in my position under this much pressure would've told on his open case and folded
It's kinda hard to tell yo' all and not be quoted in the court of law, yeah

Can't nobody stop me
Can't nobody stop me, oh