Tory Lanez - Friends Become Strangers (Lyrics)

 [Verse 1]

Fuck them other niggas, you see me all in your day shift
Money on me lookin' like it went and got a facelift
You been trippin', I been trippin', still ain't on the same shit
You still in my kitchen, arguin' about the same shit
Who and what and why and why I don't call you my main bitch
Everything is changin'
Friends turn to strangers, friends turn to dangers
Friends ain't your friends if they givin' ultimatums
Flippin' all the pages, dip off in the Range, oh
I done been through all these stages
You just act so different now, ain't nothin' that amazes
Me when you be trippin', how you speak when you be trippin'
I can see that you be slippin', that's tequila that you sippin', I know
Yes, that I was trippin', I envisioned somethin' different from the situation
You was my bitch, not only that, you was my nigga
Got me through when all these niggas hated
You started takin' me too serious and that's when all this desolated (Damn)
You yourself don't even know the full story
Why you lettin' people escalate it?
And I know you got them people in yo' ear
But we both know the situation, niggas hate it
Fuck all that for now, we'll talk about it when it's time
It feel like my lil' baby been confiscated
Taken away from me, I was makin' a way for us
We was trippin' off them couples, tryna do it how they do it
We was up and she was up and I was up, we PJ flew it
It was fluent, had us movin' like it's water to the fluid
I'm your water, you're the cruise, I had it movin' how you movin', woo
Out of mind and out of sight, I been gettin' right
I slid with the crodies, I been on the flight
Nine bands in my pocket, .19 on my right
I been outta pocket, I had to get right
I pray to the Lord, yeah, I had to get right
Lord, please give me patience when I see them lie
I hope one day me and you see eye to eye
I hope one day me and you see eye to—

We both know what happened (We)
What happened to passion
Doin' the most and you know that it's takin' me back in
Hidin' emotions and stories, but you know it don't work

[Verse 2]
A couple things won't ever change
The common propaganda around my name is never strange
But when does it get strange?
When you start lyin' to your best friend 'bout us doin' things
And hopin' she ain't entertain?
Or is it strange when the lovin' come with secrets and the games?
When the world unveil your curtains and all they laughin' at's your pain
But does it change when we both reveal that both our mothers died?
And we still dealin' with some pain and need someone to entertain
Or does it change when you break down in my arms and start cryin'?
And feelin' like you alone and I tell you, "Everything's okay"
And I know I ain't runnin' game, even Munchie know my aims
But will you ever know my name and not just Tory from this fame?
Will we ever talk about this? Will we ever console again?
Or will we keep on actin' like I put you in danger and some pain?
And when you hop back in the car with me, you knew everything was safe
Pshht, please don't let these niggas make you change
We both know what happened that night and what I did
But it ain't what they sayin'
But when the feeling's change, the pain start oozin' from the heart
And start cruisin' through the vein
Start leakin' out your mouth when you hop on the live and talk live
It's oozin' through your brain, listen
We watched them animes, still granted from my player phase
Potentials of bein' Bey and Jay, just watchin' for my fan base
I'm just tryna get back to the days when you would hop back on the jet
Land in Miami for a span of days and stay with me
Or back when I would do the same, Atlanta plane from A to Z
And pull up in your driveway in the AMG
When four would run up out the door and you would come outside, lookin' gracefully
And I'd step out the car and see your two arms embracin' me
We both playin' games with money, powers and fames
But just tell me how it changed, have your feelings rearranged?
Or deep down, are they the same? 'Cause I just wanna reconcile with ya
Spend a while with ya, send some flowers, watch a smile hit ya
After Kellen do your hair, you send a wild picture
Then you callin' me to come step out with ya
Type of shit I like to do, type of ways I like to move
All directions in my view, still pointin' right to you, damn