Rick Ross - No Lyrics

Rick Ross - No Lyrics
[Verse 1: Church St]
Power of pinocha, I just sit it on the sofa
I don't ask him for a thing because we split his gorgonzola
I live with my parents off the Candler Rd exit
But I be in the trap, so you can hit his Motorola
They know me when I knock, unless the doorman’s new
Play some music, whip the work, I got four dance moves
Tell your bitch to wait outside because the floor's brand new
White women I don’t care what your ole man do

Come get this work (work), work (work)... work
Work (work), work (work), work (work)
You gotta work (work), work (work ), work (work)
Come get this work (work), work (work)... work

[Verse 2: Church St]
Riding 'round the city, feel like Baby, feel like Diddy
Shoutout to my city, yes you made me, I’m indebted. Everywhere I go, that red A, that navy fitted
Out in Florida representing... Collins to be specific
LaFerrari or Bugatti, I ain’t made enough to get it
So I’m out here in my civic...
And look at how I’m walkin', you can tell that I be pimpin'
I don’t sell no drugs but I can get you a prescription
Call my phone and I will listen for that work