A$AP Rocky Featuring Driicky Graham, Joey Bada$$, Angel Haze & Childish Gambino - BET Cypher 2012: Man With the Iron Fists Lyrics

[Intro: RZA]
Ay yo, it's the BET Cypher
The Man with the Iron Fists edition
Film out November 2nd yo
But right now check out these new hot weapons right here
Driicky Graham, A$AP Rocky, Angel Haze, Childish Gambino and Joey Bada$$
C'mon, splash em son

[Verse 1: Angel Haze]
I came here with one intention: to kill this
I'm talking head in my hands, mouth on that drill ish
I be on that wired insane, ultimate trill shit
And there is not a soul that can see me
Like I'm not real trick
Listen up niggas I'm tired of you lames
I'm hungry and you looking like entire food chains
And uh, it's to the point that I ain't even got to try hard
Spittin' like a lake in hell, but bitches like my God
Plus niggas flicking lenses on me like a tripod
'Cuz they know there's only one eye, like cyclops
You know I beat 'em to the count, to the points love
I swear I never even lost in a coin toss
So bow down mothafuckas, if you talking deep shit I’ll out drown mothafuckas
Somebody find my rocker cause I'm literally off it
I'm in the murder business I just spit you bitches a coffin

[Verse 2: Joey Bada$$]
Yo, til the day I die, I be puffing lye
Fuck the world, fuck it dry
Tell them government spies I won't cover my eyes
Won't cower, won't move, cause I don't move like a coward
Knowledge is power and the flower of life is ours
Get as high as ours, maybe you can see the towers
Scour your dirty mind and maybe you'll unleash the power
We all got the potential in our body and soul
Probably you know I found mines right through the pencil
Started bodying flows, but fuck that
This be the preview of primeval hip-hop retrieval
I hold illegal like them coppers hold weasels to Squeal
This one for my people, heading to the top, no re-do
Thinking up evil but see no evil just be Knievel
You can't be this good they just made me better
They told me cheese at the cams and they made me cheddar
And the green only made me better
See, God made three Bigs, 2 Pacs but he only made one era, The Era

[Verse 3: Driicky Graham]
Swear you guys slipping like some ice on a bridge
Since diapers and bibs
The light skin has been quite nicer than how Mike was to kids
Cypher rhyming, Rikers Island, spending nights with the pen
Either that or cyber-Skyping with a dyke and her friend
She telling me, she gon' take my cock to her lips
Suffice to my wish, saliva and recycle my kids, gulp
I'm the best, it's hard to lose hope
I'm spitting rappers out like orange juice pulp
And looking in the mirror like aren't you dope
You so clean motherfucker you should hardly use soap
Something sinister, raps that minister
You mortals don't want combat, I'll block and finish ya
I'm seriously dope, I'm crack, I'm venomous
And you are seriously poked in your crack by ministers
Eww, these days rappers on my TV
Are braggers about their swagger rocking karats off of Ebay
But I ain't tripping, I like groupie women
Who be sendin' chills up your spine when you see they booty switching
Fast cars with the kufi missing, that's top off
Pop off, I'm with my dawgs like Stewie Griffin
Niggas hear me, be like ooh he be ripping
And if your girl see me she catch that Driicky spank me, do me feeling
Over the money I be pooky twitching
And honestly about the beef I gives a fuck what who be Twittin'

[Verse 4: Childish Gambino]
Still good with a pen, no Joe Paterno
I count Ninja Turtles, my cash flow concern them
Gambino you meet him, repping east side of the A hard
Got the Black AMEX, I gotta pull the race card
Niggas move that Kreayshawn, naw I don't carry mine
Why the game fucked up like my hairline
Ay girl, you ever smoke a bowl out with Kid Cudi?
You ever gotten D like you don't study?
Rap game in the fast lane, with a gas tank
Filled with half of these trash lames
I have to say I'm such a Joey's last name
Bino boy, why you spit so mean
Why the flow so rich girl, them sweet sixteens
He on BET and he got White people problems
"Like, Whole Foods doesn't have the juice I like so I have to go to, you know
Trader Joe's and have it shipped to me"
Victory, history
More G than a kid's movie, Royalty

[Verse 5: A$AP Rocky]
My name is Rock in the new drop, my destiny's to be the new Pac
That nigga Rocky gotta die, he too hot
It’s dead on, must've been tripping and stepping in heron'
Cause I’m cripping the lead on
I’m getting forensics twisting your head on
Traffic, mad clips, caskets, pass this, ashes to ashes
That shit, backwards, tactics
Bitches only like me for my status
Living ghetto fabulous and I’m still acting ratchet
Twenty-four karats, no dressing with my salads
Nigga with the Patch kids, steady talking cabbage
Got a chick red like radish, have it
Bitches think they bad til I drop them like habits
No one in this cyph' has swag like I do
Church with this verse, I'mma hit em with the gospel
Ever since a baby, ask my old lady
My first four words was, fuck you, pay me

BET Cypher 2012: Man With the Iron Fists

A$AP Rocky